Digital is the leading media choice for suppliers who want to reach automation professionals online--across discrete and batch manufacturing and the process industries.

Advertiser benefits include BPA Brand Report verification, competitive Web traffic and e-database reach, and state-of-the-art lead generation. Choose from products that feature video and interactive photography; traditional and rich media display ads; newsletters; and access to Summit Media Group's content creation services.

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Our web traffic and vast e-database deliver consistent results for AW's digital advertisers. Total
Monthly unique visitors 47,060
Monthly visits 57,769
Monthly pageviews 95,148
Annual unique visitors 527,179
Annual visits 710,600
% US visits 42%

Monthly numbers updated 9/30/14. Annual numbers updated 10/17/14. | Source: Web - Google Analytics rolling 6-month averages (Note that – unlike most Web traffic reports – we have filtered out site visits by non-human sources, such as spiders and robots.)

Automation World Total
E-database 78,594

Updated Aug. 31, 2014 | Source: Silverpop